Special Sale


This is for all you resolution-setters, word-of-the-year makers, and even the procrastinators. If you listened to those creative urges in 2016 and ignored them or signed up for a class or two and want to commit to more (or if you just like a good sale), come and dive in to 2017 with me!

My individual classes are $50 per session. I am currently offering a ONE PAYMENT option of $250 FOR 6 CLASSES! By registering and paying for 6 classes at one time you will save $50, which basically gives you one FREE class. To register and get all the specific info on class dates and times, please visit my Class Signups page.

*You can select any 6 classes between January and June 2017. Classes can be a combination of Artful Thursday classes or Satur-Day of Art classes. You must determine the specific date of the 6 classes you are registering for at time of payment. 

Artful Thursdays and Satur-Days of Art are multilevel classes designed to allow anyone to jump in right where you are today in a safe and inspiring class setting. You do NOT have to come with experience. You will be challenged, affirmed and encouraged to get your feet wet, make mistakes and own your personal style and ideas.

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