June Class: Words and Mixed Media

Artful Thursday Class: June 1, 9:30 am – 2:00 pm
Satur-Day of Art Class: no class available this month
Joan’s Studio: 2003 Pleasant Valley Rd, Pearland TX 77581

In this class, we will be choosing a verse or phrase from a song, poem or scripture and creating a unique expression of those words in a mixed media painting. I will demo collage and paper techniques that you can incorporate into your own design.

Come to the class with your phrase or verse already determined!!! Bring your paints, pencils, markers, and stamps. You can bring any size surface to work on but I would encourage you to think about sizes like 9×12, 12×12 and bigger (max. size 16×24). Or, you might even want to choose several smaller sizes like 9×9 and work on 2 to 4 at a time. A stiffer surface like a wood panel or gessoed heavy weight paper can be used though a canvas works too!

 I will have deli paper and stencils – available for all.

What you can expect:
Artful Thursdays and Satur-Days of Art are multilevel classes designed to allow anyone to jump in right where you are today in a safe and inspiring class setting. You do NOT have to come with experience. You will be challenged, affirmed and encouraged to get your feet wet, make mistakes and own your personal style and ideas.

We will have a brief opening prayer, instruction on the days assignment, plenty of time to work before and after lunch, time to show any current work(s), share helpful art information or ask a question, and participate in a helpful and supportive critique.

This is a safe place to be yourself and risk trying something new. The goal isn’t perfection but moving forward in art. 

Bring: Your lunch, a journal, paints, pencils, brushes, stamps and ideas. For this class, bring the meaningful word or phrase that you will use and the surfaces that you’d like to try (canvas, heavyweight paper, canvas board, etc).

Reminder! Please do not wear fragrances or perfume. In the studio, we are in close quarters and some individuals have severe reactions to them!

Cost: $50, cash or check, due before class starts. You bring your own materials or pay $10 additionally per class to use my materials. You must let me know if you will be using my materials.

Register: Let me know you are coming by emailing me, joan-of-art@sbcglobal.net, or use the form below!

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