Are you serious about becoming the artist you have dreamed of?  Being coached is not magic but it will transform you as an artist. It is possible.  Just contact me using the form below for a free initial chat. Scroll down for testimonials from others I’ve coached.


“In the two years I have been a part of Joan Moody’s mentoring program, I have seen phenomenal growth in my art, confidence and business. Joan has a gentle way of pushing an artist to dream big and then bigger! She has guided me through all the struggles and given me the confidence to actually see myself as an artist. I can not recommend her enough to anyone who is looking to grow in their style, in their business or in their confidence. If you need help with any of these issues that plague artists, Joan is the mentor for you!” 

Sherri Harris
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“Joan and I have just started my mentorship and I have already found it to be one of the most joyful choices I have made in my art journey. This comes from the back and forth conversations about myself and my art that have helped me to hear my own artist’s voice bubbling to the surface. Her intuitive and affirming ability to see the big picture of where I’ve been, where I am and where I will go is amazing. She uses just the right rhythm of push-pull-rest, sort of like a spiritual chiropractor for the artist, that is allowing me to walk, run and sometimes even leap on this path. I love being able to see how she pursues her own craft in the real world of juggling a career, being a wife, and mother. She is an incredible resource of talent, materials, how-to’s and connections and cares deeply about how she is helping you.”

Carlotta Baird


“I’ve been mentored by Joan for a year. Wow! I can’t believe the way she’s challenged me, spoken into my life and also kept me on course. Having Joan as a mentor has been a gift in my life. I appreciate her knowledge, keen insight, discernment and feedback. I’ve grown as an artist in HUGE ways in 2015 and the key to that was being mentored by Joan.”

Kathy Ericksen


“Signing on to be coached by Joan has been the invisible permission slip that I needed to make creating a priority in my life. Our sessions have clarified and affirmed vision and direction for my creative life. Her suggestions and ‘on the ground’ connections are moving me out into the community where I am more visible to more people. In truth, Joan has helped me find the courage to be fully myself in full view of others.”

-Lisa Tenney