Magenta Live


Magenta Live, 24 x 24, heavy duty stretched canvas, $325



Waterlilies, 9 x 12 x .5, framed canvas, $265

Open Sky

"Open Sky"

Open Sky, 30 x 40, oils, heavy duty stretched canvas, $1495

International Abstract

"International Abstract"

International Abstract, 19.5 x 5, mixed media on 400 lb watercolor paper, clear sleeve, $60



“Wondering” 8″ x 8″ x 1.5″ Mixed media and mounted on a black box Our lives are full, sometimes too full, if it’s like mine. When I slow down there are plenty of ah-hah’s, bright spots, connections with dearly loved family and friends, local and global. Days layer on top of days and there is just a lot of normal stuff that fills our hours. It’s all good. Grateful.

California Sunrise

"California Sunrise"

California Sunrise, 8 x 10 x 1.5, Mixed media on 400lb watercolor paper Mounted on a wooden, black panel, $135

Garnet Floral

"Floral Mauve"

8 x 8 x 1.5  Mixed media on 400lb watercolor paper, mounted on a wooden, black panel. $65

The Early Walk

"The Early Walk"

“The Early Walk” 11″ x 19.5″ Acrylics on 400lb watercolor (can be mounted on a wooden box) Painted from photos taken while walking to the coast in southern CA

Blue Abstract 1

Blue Abstract I

Blue Abstract I 5″x5′ Acrylic and mounted on a box of 1 5/8″ depth

Blue Abstract 2

Blue Abstract II

Blue Abstract II 5″x5″ Acrylic on mounted box 1 5/8″ depth